Fresh Free Range Eggs

I am often asked the difference between free run and free range well here it is

Free Run Chickens

Free run may not be what you think these chickens don't live in a cage all there lives however they don't see the sun light and are sometimes very over crowded. Free run chickens do get to 'run free' and socialize with one another.

Free Range Chickens

Free range chickens mean just that, they run free on the farm where ever they please. They eat greens, worms, and bugs as the base of there diet. I have never met a free run chicken however I would think free range ones are happier.

Caged Chickens

This is what life is like for many of the chickens that lay the probably billons of eggs that are consumed daily. I can't say they are abused or mistreated because I have never been to one of these facilities, however putting anything in a cage it's whole life for our benefit is sick if you ask me. Please source out happy chickens...if you care or rise your own it's very satisfying.

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