Get Back To Your Roots

"Get back to your roots" what do we mean by that? We are working hard to help people reconnect with the earth, by roots we mean our connection to nature and the earth.

Our Story

It all started with a dream

How did we get here?

I am still asking myself that very question, I remember sitting on my sisters back porch looking at the property next door knowing some day it would be ours. With the help of my parents and a very generous friend we were able to buy it. 2 acres of land with one dwelling, a big pond and it was zoned for commercial/residential...just imagine the possibilities, so we did...

The Garden

First was the garden which my sister and I had already started, the idea of providing our families with fresh produce was wonderful. At first we were just getting our hands dirty, we grew some produce and it was fun, so nice to provide for yourself, a real feeling of accomplishment. But I wanted more...

Fresh Eggs Anyone?

We added in some chickens, who doesn't love fresh eggs. We have since hatched out our own chicks and harvested some for meat (which I never thought I would do) well on our way to a homestead you might say, still something missing....

GOATS !?!?

Fresh milk, cheese, yogurt... no way would my husband be ok with this...Yes I was the one who had the kooky idea that we should get some goats, however never did I think it would really happen, but it did! We got Autumn and Lilly right here on the coast and picked up Billy in Chilliwack, they are wonderful animals with so much personality. They have kidded twice, oh ya baby goats, and I currently get 2 litters of milk a day. Garden , chickens, goats what more could we need? Right...


What's a farm without a pig? Well it's still a farm it just doesn't have a pig. We got Harley the hog at the request of our children, we later figured he needed a girlfriend or two so welcome Rudy and Fiona. We are expecting there first litter of piglets soon. 

And the rest

The farm is always growing ducks, bees hives, turkeys...where will we stop? Who knows right now we have only just begun. Keep your eye on our website, Facebook page and soon to come YouTube channel for all our updates.